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8th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence (AITAmI’13)

Athens, Greece - 16th-17th of July 2013

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  • context awareness
  • activity recognition
  • individual/group emotional status
  • individual/group preferences
  • mediating conflicting interests
  • non invasive sensing and interaction
  • cognitive modelling of users
  • modelling complex environments (smart homes, smart cars, hospitals, museums,  transportation, classrooms, open spaces, etc.)
  • intelligent interactive systems
  • multi-modal interfaces  (voice, image and video, bio-signals, handwriting, etc.)

as well as…

  • agent-based approaches to AmI
  • applications (health, industry, teaching, supporting group collaboration, etc.)
  • responsive/active architecture
  • innovative applications of AI to Ambient Intelligence
  • traditional relevant areas of AI (KR, reasoning about actions,  spatio-temporal reasoning,  CBR, planning, uncertainty, learning, belief revision, vision, decision-making, etc.)